Feb 15,2016 14,309 Comments

The Most Precise Jeweler in Circleville!

When it comes to jewelry and watches, you need to be precise.  Lets face it precision matters when you are talking about jewelry and watches.  Our Goldsmith is also a very experienced jeweler with 30 years experience.  He will precisely and accurately repair your jewelry/watches in our location, often...
Dec 17,2015 10,322 Comments

Why bring your jewelry in for a free inspection?

We offer a free inspection, some find this to be a “gimmicky” offer and wonder what the catch is? Well there really is no catch it is pretty straight forward. We find that about 1 in 3 pieces of jewelry that we inspect will have a problem that needs
Dec 23,2015 8,349 Comments

Why Sell Gold to a Jeweler Instead of a Pawnshop?

   Jewelry stores will recycle the parts of your jewelry that are still useful. They may even be able to repair your jewelry, polish and clean it, to make it look like new and then resale it as vintage gold jewelry. This can mean you get more money.
Jan 8,2016 15,473 Comments

Neil Shiltz Goldsmith and Jeweler

Neil is from Fayette County Ohio, and has worked as a jeweler all over Ohio. He has worked for all the major jewelry corporations. Over 35 years Neil has created a name for himself as a renowned jeweler and goldsmith. He can repair watches, size rings, set diamonds, and